Free Guitar Lessons -Class One

July 15, 2013

High Action
High Action
There were about twenty students in the class.  All adults except for one child and a teenager.  People showed up with all kinds of guitars.  One had an electric guitar, a few had classical guitars and one lady had a cheap, toy-like guitar

The teacher spent most of the class tuning everyones' guitar.  Giving advice on the condition of each guitar and what needed to be fixed or replaced.  When it came to my guitar he said the action was too high and recommended I get it lowered. Thankfully he offered to do it for me at the next class.

The instructor seems knowledgeable and the only complaint I have is he was not prepared with a lesson plan.  He just rambled on about all types of things.  From pentatonic scales to ear training. When I asked him what we would be learning, he had a belwildered look on his face and kind of shrugged his shoulders. He did hand out a sheet with some Major Scale exercises but didn't really get into how to play them.

I'll go back next week to see if he has a lesson plan together. If not, it'll be worth the trip just to have him adjust the action on my guitar.

By the way, the action refers to how close the strings are to the fretboard.  As you can see in the picture, my strings are sit really high above the fretboard.

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