Free Guitar Lessons - Class Two

July 24, 2013

This week was better.  He was more prepared and informed us the course will focus on learning technique using lessons from Hal Leonard's Guitar Method Book One.

Thankfully the librarian who was monitoring the class had the foresight to gather whatever copies they had and brought them to class.

Not all the copies were Book One.  Some were Hal Leonard's Guitar Method Complete Set.  A combination of Book 1, 2 and 3 with accompanying cd's which I was lucky enough to scoop up.

So during this class session we learned how to tune the guitar to itself (relative tuning) and warm-up exercises. Eventhough I already know how to do warm-up exercises, relative tuning my guitar was new to me.

Lastly, he adjusted the action on my guitar.  The string are a little closer the fretboard but don't sit right on top of the frets. I don't really feel a big difference when I play.  Maybe when it's time to change my strings, I'll take it to Guitar Center and have them do a set-up.

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