Free Guitar Lessons - Class Four

August 11, 2013

I didn't miss much.  He's still teaching the first lesson in the Hal Leonard Guitar Method book, Notes on the First String. I've already mastered that lesson and was rockin' it while he was tuning other peoples' guitars.  He overheard me and asked me to demonstrate for the class.  So I rocked it again.

The first part of the class he taught from the book then taught music theory. The significance of Middle C and how to decipher a chord.  What notes make up a chord and why. Triads, the two different types, Major and Minor.  The root of the chord, major third and perfect fifth.

I didn't think learning music theory would be part of the class but appreciate the information.  It takes my understanding of what I am playing to another level.

In the video above I am playing along with my metronome at 70 bpm.

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