My New Guitar

January 08, 2014

Debutante Daisy Short Scale Electric Guitar
I'm starting the New Year with a brand new guitar!  I bought an electric guitar and not an acoustic for several reasons.  The main reason is my neighbors.  Whenever I start playing my guitar, they start banging on the walls.  Not because I'm disturbing them but because they are childish, obnoxious and serious haters. Probably hating that I'm doing something productive and creative. So now I have an electric guitar and along with an amp and noise-cancelling headphones, I will be able to play to my heart's content.

I don't know enough about electric guitars to know good from bad so searched for something cute. My former teacher told the me it's really hard to buy a bad guitar.  Even the most basic guitars manufactured today are well made and more expensive does not always mean better quality.  So with that in mind, I bought a guitar based on what was pleasing to my eye.  

I searched by color.  Pink, purple, red, white and during my search I stumbled upon Daisy Rock Guitars.  From their collection, I chose the Debutante Daisy Short Scale Electric Guitar.  The current model is equipped with one humbucker at the bridge.  However after some research, I found out the earlier models came equiped with two Seymour Duncan Pickups.  A lipstick pickup at the neck and a humbucker at the bridge.  I figure two pickups will provide versitiliy and room for growth.  

I prowled Ebay looking for the older model and right after Christmas I found a seller who posted one for $100.00. It was like a Christmas miracle.  

I got it today and it's more than I hoped for.  The body of the guitar is in pristine condition.  The strings tuned up with no problem and stayed in tune.  However, they're a bit and dry and need changing.  The seller told me 9 gauge strings are on the guitar and that's what I'm sticking  with.  No need to mess around with different gauge strings that may cause problems I can't fix.

Debutante Daisy Short Scale Electric Guitar
Debutante Daisy Short Scale Electric Guitar

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